1 in 5 Young Adults Uses CBD

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A new Gallup poll shows a pretty decent slice of young adults are using CBD products. It helps explain why the hemp industry is booming here in South Carolina. It also shows an impressive awareness of CBD products, especially for an industry that really only hit its stride in 2018.

How Popular is CBD?

The Gallup poll asked a simple question: “do you, personally, use CBD products, or not?”

Respondents were given four options: “yes”, “no”, “not familiar at all with CBD products”, and “no opinion.”

CBD products are most popular with 18-29-year-old adults, with 20% reporting CBD product use. The 65+ demographic reported the least amount of CBD use, at only 8%. Region-wise, the Western United States is the most popular region, with 21% of people reporting they do use CBD products. The East and Midwest had the lowest numbers at just 11%. This breaks out to an overall 14% of U.S. adults reporting CBD use, with 50% not using them and 35% saying they aren’t familiar with CBD products.

Is CBD Well-Known?

Well, that’s a relative question, but we’d say so. Only 35% of the total population isn’t familiar with CBD, and right around a quarter of young adults aren’t familiar. For those who don’t want to do the math, that’s 74% of young adults and 65% of the total population that are familiar with CBD products, regardless of whether or not they use them.

These numbers are pretty impressive: consider the fact that the 2018 Farm Bill just made hemp farming legal nationwide in December 2018. That means more people in the U.S. are at least familiar with CBD than know which country voted to leave the European Union. We’ll admit that we don’t know if that figure means hemp is having a good year, or if everyone really needs to watch the news more, but we’ll take it.

Why is Hemp So Popular?

This is something we can’t parse from the numbers alone. We have some good guesses, though. While the FDA has only approved cannabidiol for one medical use, many people cite wellness-related reasons for their CBD use. [note: the products at Smoke N Brew have not been approved for any medical use and are not intended to treat or diagnose any medical conditions. We do not condone or suggest using hemp products for any condition.]

Research into hemp and cannabinoids has been promising, especially now that the industry is in the limelight. The Farm Bill reinvigorated scientific study of hemp with loosening regulations and a massive media blitz. A number of recent discoveries are very interesting and suggest breakthroughs on understanding the effects hemp and CBD have on the body aren’t too far down the road.

South Carolina’s Home for CBD

Whatever the reason behind CBD’s rapid rise, we’re here for it. Smoke N Brew is the best spot in South Carolina to get high-quality, American-made hemp products including CBD tinctures, salves, and much more. We carry only the best brands at unbeatable prices. Our locations in Greenville and Charleston make it easy to see what all the fuss is about. If you’re interested in learning more about CBD, browse our blog or visit us in person. We’ll see you soon.

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