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Why Everyone’s Vaping CBD

Okay, maybe not everyone.Either way, CBD vaporizers are becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons. They’re one of the most portable CBD delivery methods around, and one of the most efficient to boot. Here’s some reasons you might want to consider a CBD vaporizer: Portability Let’s be honest: it isn’t always easy or convenient…

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Will CBD Help Me Sleep?

Trouble sleeping is one of the most common reasons people look for CBD products. Studies show 50-70 million adults in the US have some sleep disorder, ranging from insomnia to narcolepsy to snoring. Adults need about 7-9 hours of sleep a night, and 35% of adults report getting less than that on a nightly basis….

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Hemp is Booming in South Carolina

The hemp business has exploded in South Carolina. Hemp is being heralded as the new cash crop for our great state, and it is already having a huge impact on the agriculture business, hemp product manufacturers, and stores like Smoke N Brew. We’re still behind some states like Kentucky that went all-in on hemp a…

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How Do You Know Your CBD is Legit?

We’ll admit it: sometimes CBD and hemp products can be confusing. Since it’s such a new industry, hemp products don’t have a standardized labeling system across all brands. To make things even harder, some less than reputable companies use misleading marketing to dupe consumers into buying hemp products completely devoid of cannabinoids. With fake CBD…

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Kratom Colors: The Three Kratom Veins

Not all kratom is the same. While kratom is primarily sought after for its two main active compounds— mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine—the amount of each compound present depends on the variety of kratom you’re purchasing. There are many strains on the market, Bali, Indo, Maeng Da. Most of these strains have a color label applied as…

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Does CBD Help with Anxiety?

Elevated heartrate, racing thoughts, sweating, that feeling of impending doom. Experiencing these symptoms isn’t uncommon. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports 40 million Americans are affected by anxiety disorders, making them the most common type of mental illness. “Anxiety” is a catch-all term for a wide range of disorders, including Generalized Anxiety Disorder…

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Raw Hemp For Sale

You want it, we’ve got it. Smoke N Brew has a wide variety of raw hemp strains available at all of our locations. We sell 2018 Farm Bill-compliant hemp by weight and are always getting USA-grown hemp flower shipments to ensure you’re getting the freshest product on the market. What is Raw Hemp? Hemp is…

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The Many, Many Kratom Strains

There are tons of kratom strains out there. You’ve seen the names: Indo, Super Indo, Maeng Da, Bali, and so on. To further complicate things, there are variations by color on most of these strains, either red, green, or white. So what does all of this mean, and how does it affect the final product?…

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CBD 101: What to Buy

Oils. Salves. Vape pens. Gummies. Capsules. Flowers. The options are daunting and it’s hard to pick the right hemp product type, let alone brand. So, what is the “best” CBD product out there? The answer is… well, it depends. We’re not going to pit brands against each other. We think it is helpful to have…

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CBD 101: Extraction Methods

To create CBD oils, gummies, salves, and most other products you’ll find on our shelves (outside of pure hemp flower, of course), cannabidiol must be extracted from hemp plants. There are a handful of common extraction methods, each with its own upsides and disadvantages. Most products don’t explicitly mention their extraction method on product labeling,…