kava and kanna greenville sc

The Best Kava in Greenville SC

We are pleased to now be carrying several different lines of kava products. While we will provide more information about it below, and will gladly tell you more if you come into our shop located just minutes from downtown Greenville SC. Kava is legal and safe to use, but as can be the case when…

CBD oil CBD Cream CBD dummies

CBD Oil is now in Greenville SC!

With the recent changes in the legal status of CBD Oil (Cannabidiol Oil) in South Carolina, Smoke ‘n Brew is pleased to announce that we already have our shelves stocked with new products ready for sale! While we are excited that the government has finally allowed the sale of it in Greenville SC and the…

Smoke 'n Brew is the official ROOR dealer for Upstate South Carolina in Greenville SC

The Official ROOR Glass Dealer in Greenville SC

Yeah, you read that right. Smoke ‘n Brew is now the exclusive, official dealer of ROOR glass in Greenville SC. There are other places in town you can buy tobacco smoking glass pieces with the words ROOR printed on them, but you can never know if you’re getting a genuine product unless you buy it…

Kratom Pills for sale Greenville SC

Kratom for Energy & Relaxation

Kratom is a naturally occurring, unaltered substance used to provide a sustained energy boost and physical relaxation without any dangerous side effects. It has been used in parts of Asia for thousands of years as a natural stimulant in a similar way other cultures have used coffee. From chewing on leaves and eating the fruit…

kratom powder for sale in greenville sc

Types of Kratom Powder

Smoke ‘n Brew buys kratom in bulk directly from Indonesia, and sells it at the lowest prices in town since we package it ourselves. We package and sell kratom in both powder for tea and oral tablets to be directly ingested. As always, we must encourage everyone to use kratom responsibly. For that very reason,…

kratom powder greenville sc

Kratom for sale at Smoke ‘n Brew

Smoke ‘n Brew has become the place in Greenville SC for kratom. Our prices are low, and we package it ourselves to keep it that way. We don’t have the shiny silver packages with cool stickers like the other places, but we do have better prices and that just seems to make sense to us….

Discount Growlers Draft Beer

$2 OFF Growlers on Tuesdays

That’s right folks… You get $2 off ANY 64oz growlers on Tuesdays at Smoke ‘n Brew! That’s every beer, every Tuesday, every week. $2 off microbrews? Check. $2 off foreign beer? Check. $2 off domestics? Check. All you have to do is bring your growler (or buy one from us), fill it with ice cold…

starbuzz shisha greenville sc

Hookah for Less

Smoke ‘n Brew is proud to offer one of the best selections of hookah supplies in the Upstate. We carry a revolving selection of beautiful hookah pipes, hoses, and accessories for the ultimate hookah smoking experience. We also offer a wide variety of shisha including over two dozen different flavors from several different manufacturers. Next…