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    In our search for alternatives to kratom (since the DEA is going to put a nationwide ban on kratom), we found two other options to “Mitragyna Hirsuta” and “Mitragyna Javanica”, our first two products we sell as an alternative to kratom. The two new products are called Akuamma Seeds & Blue Lotus, and are usually described as addressing one or more of the specific benefits of kratom. We will desribe them more in depth below and as always, if you have any questions… Continue reading


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    As soon as we got word that the DEA was ready to ban kratom any day now (they may already have by the time you are reading this), we started doing reseach into finding proven, all-natural kratom alternatives. We found and tried dozens of different products and are pleased to say we were able to find a number of them that work as a reasonable substitute for kratom.

    The two best ones we found are “Mitragyna Hirsuta” and “Mitragyna Javanica” from the same region of the world as the kratom plant – Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. We cannot recommend you use these substances in any other way than indicated by the packaging, but Continue reading


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    There has been a lot of talk recently about the legal status of kratom and how the US DEA wants to ban the substance called Kratom. If they decide to do so, it would take immediate effect and be placed as a Schedule I substance lasting for at least 2-3 years while the DEA determines if that is a permanent listing or if it should be removed or scheduled lower.

    The DEA announced this decision several months ago but have yet to take act action on it. While they are still determining what they are going to do, Continue reading


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    With the recent South Carolina House bill legalizing the use of Cannabidiol for medicinal purposes, there has been a lot of confusion on which cannabis products are legal, which ones aren’t, what’s coming next, and what it all means.

    Here is some information about the current legal status of cannabis & hemp products in South Carolina that will attempt to *ahem* clear the smoke… We’re not attorneys so don’t consider this as legal advice. It’s just info for our customers that is readily available across the internet. If you need an attorney, call this guy.

    Legal Status of Hemp & Cannabis Products in South Carolina

    Obviously, anything with THC in it is illegal. There is no medicinal marijuana law in South Carolina of any type, and any use of marijuana (weed) is still illegal by federal and state law. We don’t endorse or condone illegal activity to any extent.

    However… Continue reading


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    Kanna is an all-natural substance from an African plant that has been used by African farmers and hunters for millennia as an appetite suppressant, but, is also known for being highly euphoric and energetic substance that is often brewed in teas, smoked, eaten, or ingested.

    We carry the best quality kanna in town at affordable prices at our shop located near Wade Hampton & Pleasantburg just 10 minutes from downtown Greenville SC!

    Introduction to Kanna

    Kanna is a natural substance that is derived from an African plant. It is known for producing a highly euphoric and energetic feeling that can last for 4-5 hours. Recently, kanna extract has become very popular in Eastern Europe and is growing in popularity in the United Stats as well. It is known for enhancing one’s experiences via oral ingestion or in a snuff form to be highly euphoric and energetic.

    Kanna is an SSRI and should not be combined with other SSRIs or MOAIs. Learn more about kanna’s effects and benefits here.

    Kanna For Sale

    Our kanna products are made with highly refined extract that is stronger then any other on the US market today. This is because our kanna is an all natural product that is derived straight from the source, and shipped immediately to reduce delay and maximize freshness.

    If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to come in and talk to us about it or call us at (864) 244-7477!


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    With all the excitement going on right now with our new products like CBD oil, kratom, hookah, kava, kanna, and glassware, it can be easy to forget that half of our store is dedicated to beer and wine!

    Believe it or not, we’ve actually expanded our beer and wine selection and offer even more choices of cold beer, bottled beer, wine, and tap beer for growlers. All that other stuff just makes us the most unique beer and wine store in Greenville SC! Continue reading


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    In case you missed it, CBD oil is now legal in South Carolina and Smoke ‘n Brew in Greenville SC is one of the first stores to offer a wide array of CBD oil products for sale. We’ve been following this new product closely and are proud to provide the best quality CBD oil products on the market today.

    Stop in and learn more about this amazing new product and its benefits from the leading supplier in the area! Continue reading


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    It wasn’t more than a year ago when we started selling kratom at Smoke ‘n Brew. We started with the mission to provide the best and purest kratom in town, and by golly if it hasn’t been a busy year for us. Word has spread quickly about the high quality product we’ve been supplying, and that has allowed us to provide more flavors, varieties, and types at even better prices than ever. Thank you! Continue reading


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    We’re just going to be up front about this from the start… if you smoke hookah, we have what you need. Seriously. We have hookah pipes, hoses, nozzles, dozens of shisha flavors, coals, travel cases (yeah), officially licensed Mya hookah products, and more. Whether you want to smoke Sex on the Beach Starbuzz shisha at home from a pink hookah or Two Apples Al Fakher shisha in a park from a travel sized hookah with travel case, we got you covered. We know… it’s pretty awesome but we’re pretty awesome like that. Continue reading


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    We are quickly adding CBD Oil products to our shelves, and vapor pens (or hookah pens or ecigarettes) are one of the hot items! It’s probably because they taste great, are easy to use, and can be used pretty much anywhere. We’ve been smoking them here at the shop and cannot recommend them enough to family and friends. Continue reading