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    Smoke ‘n Brew carries a wide range of tobacco glassware & pipes than any head shop in Greenville, and take pride in offering the best customer service in town!

    We are focused on providing a clean, safe, and fun environment where our customers can relax and take their time viewing the largest collection of glassware in town. Continue reading


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    We are pleased to now be carrying several different lines of kava products. While we will provide more information about it below, and will gladly tell you more if you come into our shop located just minutes from downtown Greenville SC.

    Kava is legal and safe to use, but as can be the case when dealing with an unknown substance, it can negative side effects if you don’t know what you’re doing. As always with all products, we strongly encourage you to be safe and smart in how you use it! Continue reading


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    With the recent changes in the legal status of CBD Oil (Cannabidiol Oil) in South Carolina, Smoke ‘n Brew is pleased to announce that we already have our shelves stocked with new products ready for sale! While we are excited that the government has finally allowed the sale of it in Greenville SC and the rest of our state, many companies are rushing products to the market so please be careful with what products you try. We have been studying CBD Oil for some time now, and are proud to offer a wide selection of the best products available on the market today. Continue reading


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    Yeah, you read that right. Smoke ‘n Brew is now the exclusive, official dealer of ROOR glass in Greenville SC. There are other places in town you can buy tobacco smoking glass pieces with the words ROOR printed on them, but you can never know if you’re getting a genuine product unless you buy it from an official dealer… like us.

    ROOR is German glass product known around the world for its superior craftsmanship and durability. It is one of the most sought after brands for smoking glass by those who know and demand the best. If you want to take your tobacco smoking seriously, ROOR is the way to go!

    We’ll be featuring our ROOR pieces on the Smoke ‘n Brew Facebook page so be sure to follow us there. If you see something you like, just call in and we’ll be happy to hold it for you!


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    Kratom is a naturally occurring, unaltered substance used to provide a sustained energy boost and physical relaxation without any dangerous side effects. It has been used in parts of Asia for thousands of years as a natural stimulant in a similar way other cultures have used coffee. From chewing on leaves and eating the fruit to brewing it in hot beverages and taking it in condensed forms, kratom is a safe alternative to many other substances for energy and relaxation.

    Kratom has two common effects on a person – an energy boost followed by a physically relaxed state of being. Unlike other stimulants and relaxants, kratom doesn’t bring extreme highs or lows with it. Its double effect balances itself out nicely for a comfortable experience from beginning to end. It is important to note that not everyone feels kratom the same way, and dosage plays a big part in how it works. Continue reading


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    Smoke ‘n Brew buys kratom in bulk directly from Indonesia, and sells it at the lowest prices in town since we package it ourselves. We package and sell kratom in both powder for tea and oral tablets to be directly ingested. As always, we must encourage everyone to use kratom responsibly. For that very reason, we will be posting more information on our blog about responsible and best ways to use kratom.

    Kratom Powder

    The kratom powder is most commonly used in tea. We suggest using it along with another tea since the flavor is not always very pleasant. Many people have suggested using green tea or fruit teas since the natural flavors combine well with the earthy kratom. People use the powder in other ways, but until we research them and bring you better information, we won’t suggest any of them. For now, please use the kratom powder in tea to drink.

    Kratom Powder Oral Tablets

    The kratom powder oral tablets are most commonly used by people who need to regulate their kratom intake very carefully. Every one of our kratom powder tablets are fully packed and inspected for consistency in weight and volume. This is important for you to know how much you’re using!

    If you have any questions or would like to talk about special orders, please feel free to call us at (864) 244-7477 from 10:30-10pm any day except Sunday when we’re only open from 1-7pm. We’re located less than 10 minutes from downtown Greenville, I-385 and Highway 25 from Asheville!


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    Smoke ‘n Brew has become the place in Greenville SC for kratom. Our prices are low, and we package it ourselves to keep it that way. We don’t have the shiny silver packages with cool stickers like the other places, but we do have better prices and that just seems to make sense to us.

    We take special requests for quantity and style of packaging so don’t be afraid to ask for bulk discounts or orders tailored for your specific needs. You can see the standard bulk pricing on the picture here, but if you need more or something different, don’t be afraid to ask! We’d prefer if you call ahead so we can prepare it for you.

    Our kratom is shipped direct from the source so there’s no middleman involved. It helps us keep the cost down and ensures we get pure product from a known supplier. We don’t make any crazy claims about what our kratom can do because we’re not tampering with it in anyway. It’s just good ol’ fashioned kratom that does what good ol’ fashioned kratom is supposed to do!

    If you have any questions or would like to talk about special orders, please feel free to call us at (864) 244-7477 from 10:30-10pm any day except Sunday when we’re only open from 1-7pm.


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    discount growlers in greenville sc

    That’s right folks… You get $2 off ANY 64oz growlers on Tuesdays at Smoke ‘n Brew! That’s every beer, every Tuesday, every week. $2 off microbrews? Check. $2 off foreign beer? Check. $2 off domestics? Check. All you have to do is bring your growler (or buy one from us), fill it with ice cold beer, and you will automatically save $2. Every time. Any questions?


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    Hookah, Shisha, Coals and Accessories for Less in Greenville SC

    Smoke ‘n Brew is proud to offer one of the best selections of hookah supplies in the Upstate. We carry a revolving selection of beautiful hookah pipes, hoses, and accessories for the ultimate hookah smoking experience. We also offer a wide variety of shisha including over two dozen different flavors from several different manufacturers.

    Next time you need a hookah fix, talk to us! We can get you out the door with a full set up for less than anywhere else in town.