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    With the recent South Carolina House bill legalizing the use of Cannabidiol for medicinal purposes, there has been a lot of confusion on which cannabis products are legal, which ones aren’t, what’s coming next, and what it all means.

    Here is some information about the current legal status of cannabis & hemp products in South Carolina that will attempt to *ahem* clear the smoke… We’re not attorneys so don’t consider this as legal advice. It’s just info for our customers that is readily available across the internet. If you need an attorney, call this guy.

    Legal Status of Hemp & Cannabis Products in South Carolina

    Obviously, anything with THC in it is illegal. There is no medicinal marijuana law in South Carolina of any type, and any use of marijuana (weed) is still illegal by federal and state law. We don’t endorse or condone illegal activity to any extent.

    However… Continue reading


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    We’re just going to be up front about this from the start… if you smoke hookah, we have what you need. Seriously. We have hookah pipes, hoses, nozzles, dozens of shisha flavors, coals, travel cases (yeah), officially licensed Mya hookah products, and more. Whether you want to smoke Sex on the Beach Starbuzz shisha at home from a pink hookah or Two Apples Al Fakher shisha in a park from a travel sized hookah with travel case, we got you covered. We know… it’s pretty awesome but we’re pretty awesome like that. Continue reading


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    We are quickly adding CBD Oil products to our shelves, and vapor pens (or hookah pens or ecigarettes) are one of the hot items! It’s probably because they taste great, are easy to use, and can be used pretty much anywhere. We’ve been smoking them here at the shop and cannot recommend them enough to family and friends. Continue reading


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    Smoke ‘n Brew carries a wide range of tobacco glassware & pipes than any head shop in Greenville, and take pride in offering the best customer service in town!

    We are focused on providing a clean, safe, and fun environment where our customers can relax and take their time viewing the largest collection of glassware in town. Continue reading


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    Yeah, you read that right. Smoke ‘n Brew is now the exclusive, official dealer of ROOR glass in Greenville SC. There are other places in town you can buy tobacco smoking glass pieces with the words ROOR printed on them, but you can never know if you’re getting a genuine product unless you buy it from an official dealer… like us.

    ROOR is German glass product known around the world for its superior craftsmanship and durability. It is one of the most sought after brands for smoking glass by those who know and demand the best. If you want to take your tobacco smoking seriously, ROOR is the way to go!

    We’ll be featuring our ROOR pieces on the Smoke ‘n Brew Facebook page so be sure to follow us there. If you see something you like, just call in and we’ll be happy to hold it for you!


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    Hookah, Shisha, Coals and Accessories for Less in Greenville SC

    Smoke ‘n Brew is proud to offer one of the best selections of hookah supplies in the Upstate. We carry a revolving selection of beautiful hookah pipes, hoses, and accessories for the ultimate hookah smoking experience. We also offer a wide variety of shisha including over two dozen different flavors from several different manufacturers.

    Next time you need a hookah fix, talk to us! We can get you out the door with a full set up for less than anywhere else in town.