Smoke CBD Oil with Vapor Pens!

Chief Smoke 'n Brew

We are quickly adding CBD Oil products to our shelves, and vapor pens (or hookah pens or ecigarettes) are one of the hot items! It’s probably because they taste great, are easy to use, and can be used pretty much anywhere. We’ve been smoking them here at the shop and cannot recommend them enough to family and friends.

We even have testers (with throwaway mouthpieces) if you want to come in and try one out for yourself. It’s fun and free!

CBD Oil Vapor Pens

Believe it or not, CBD oil is now available in hookah and vape pens! It’s really an amazing experience to smoke it almost anywhere you want at anytime. It’s easy and harmless to those around you, and has even fewer ingredients than nicotine vape pens and e-cigarettes. Seriously. It’s as “all-natural” as one of these devices can be and here’s the best part, it’s CBD Oil!

We have several different flavors and are looking to add more all the time. Come try them out… we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

CBD Oil Juices & Liquids

We also carry vape pen refills with CBD oil. That’s right. If you already have a vape pen that you can refill and are interested in CBD Oil, then all you need is the juice! We carry the same liquids of the CBD oil vapor pens that we use so the quality is guaranteed. They’re made in the USA and come from the best supplier in the business.