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Kim Kardashian West can’t get enough CBD.

Mark Wahlberg wants in on the action.

Pro tennis players are inking partnerships with hemp companies.

We already know CBD is incredibly popular across the United States, now it looks like we need to prepare ourselves for some serious star power to bring new products, and more than likely customers, to the market.

Kardashian is a CBD Convert

Extremely busy entrepreneur and reality television star Kim Kardashian West recently told People CBD “saved her life.” Kardashian says she has been using CBD gummies regularly, favoring cannabidiol over Xanax or Ambien as a sleep aid. Kim K says CBD is one of the reasons she’s able to keep up with a schedule that involves raising four kids, studying for the bar exam, filming a TV show, and running her numerous businesses.

One thing the interview didn’t mention, though, is any interest in investing in CBD. That might make her the exception rather than the rule.

Wahlberg Eyes CBD Beverages

Boston’s favored son Mark Wahlberg is an investor in AQUAhydrate, an LA-based water company that was recently acquired by The Alkaline Water Company. The companies put out a joint release announcing the merger that also mentioned their intention to create “functional wellness beverages” infused with CBD.

Wahlberg is joined by Sean “Diddy” Combs in this venture, which will make flavored and sparkling water, in addition to the CBD options.

CBD Trendy in Tennis

John Isner, a pro tennis player who the ATP has ranked as high as number 8 in men’s singles, announced a partnership with Defy, a hemp-infused sports drink company. Isner is the first pro tennis player to partner with a CBD company, and he says he’s looking forward to the opportunity to, “help people achieve improved performance through CBD.”

Most cannabinoids are banned substances in professional tennis, but CBD is the one exception. Defy makes a THC-free sports drink, which ensures professionals like Isner can use CBD without failing drug tests.

Why Is CBD Popular?

Brian Baum, president and CEO of Cannovia, says there’s a market interest in “natural, holistic approaches to health and wellness.” He says CBD products are in line with that trend, which will help them spread through the sports industry.

The CBD industry has exploded since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. Hemp has extraordinary market visibility across all ages and demographics—we’re willing to bet this is what has so many celebrities ready to invest in CBD products.

Either way, it can’t hurt. CBD is a young industry, and big names and publicity will help our favorite compound get the mainstream exposure it needs to become a household staple.

Where to Buy CBD in South Carolina

Looking for the elixr of the stars in your backyard? You don’t need to travel far. Smoke N Brew has locations in Greenville and Charleston where you can find all of the best hemp-derived CBD products on the market. We carry many of the biggest brands in the industry and have a staff of experts that know CBD backwards and forwards. Stop on by and start living like a Kardashian.

…Or at least using CBD like one, we suppose.

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