Everything ElseChief Smoke 'n Brew


Maybe you’re not looking for any of the above. Sure, the name is “Smoke N Brew,” but we get where you’re coming from. That’s why we carry all kinds of other fun stuff, including t-shirts, cups, mugs, and so on. This page is by no means everything we have in the store, but here’s some of the cool stuff you’ll find.


You want a t-shirt that lets people know what you’re about. So long as you’re about good jokes and pop culture, we have something you’ll like.

Cups, Mugs, and So On

Sure, you got a growler of delicious beer. But do you have something to pour it into? Say goodbye to drinking straight out of the bottle and say hello to our assortment of cups, mugs, and glasses. Keep it classy or go for the zany ones, either way is fine with us.