Get Your Beer Growlers Filled at Smoke N Brew

Chief Smoke 'n Brew

It’s part of the name so we figured you knew it by now, but we sell beer in addition to CBD products, kratom, hemp flowers, and smoking accessories. Smoke N Brew isn’t just some package beer store with shelves of old dusty six packs: we have constantly rotating taps of delicious, local, craft beer available. We offer growler fills at our Greenville & Charleston SC locations. You can either pick up a new growler while you’re here or bring your own, either way we have you covered.

Why Beer Growlers Are So Great

If you’re a beer drinker, you know the joy of the first sip of a fresh draft beer. It’s a certain something that cans and bottles just can’t quite live up to. That perfect head of foam, just the right temperature, none of that metallic “sat in a warehouse” taste.

Growlers let you bring that perfect draft beer flavor home with you. Growlers are air-tight, so you can take that fresh-from-the-tap taste with you to enjoy while watching the sun set on the back porch. It’s also a great gift or party favor, especially if you’re visiting people who can’t get your favorite local brew in their neck of the woods.

Types of Growlers

 If you’re coming by Smoke N Brew empty-handed, you’ll leave with a nice glass growler with our logo on it. If you ask us, those are pretty cool, but everyone has their own preference. Who are we to come between a beer drinker and their favorite vessel?

Draft growler fill up local beer

32 oz. and 64 oz. glass growlers from Smoke N Brew in Greenville & Charleston SC.

Here are some of the types of growlers you can buy:

  • Glass: We’ve touched on these already a little bit. Glass growlers are the most common type you’ll find. A lot of breweries and stores like Smoke N Brew offer up glass growlers as a standard item you can buy. Glass growlers often have a screw top or an attached lid that creates an air-tight seal, keeping your beer fresh for long periods of time.
  • Ceramic:Ceramic growlers are a little rarer, and pricier. More often than not, ceramic growlers are a keepsake, heirloom, or calling card. Oh, you know Bob, he’s the guy with the heavy ceramic growler.These things are cool, but we cannot emphasize enough: these bad boys are
  • Stainless Steel: These growlers are meant for the beer drinker on the go. Stainless steel growlers are well-insulated and will keep your beer cold for much longer than a glass or ceramic container. They’re ideally suited for camping or headed to the beach (please only bring beer to places that allow alcohol!) and look pretty cool as well.

Beyond Draft Beer

 Of course, we wouldn’t be a beer store if we didn’t sell packaged beer and wine. Don’t worry, our store isn’t filled with old and dusty six packs. We have aisles upon aisles of craft beer from around the world, a full selection of red and white wine, and coolers filled with some of our favorite selections that are chilled and ready to drink as soon as you get them home. Unlike some other beer shops, we’re not snobs about it either: we have cases of your favorite domestics ready for the tailgate or barbecue.

Whatever you’re looking for, stop in to Smoke N Brew in Greenville or Charleston and check out the selection. You’re bound to find something you like!

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