HUGE Selection of Hookah Pipes & Shisha

Chief Smoke 'n Brew

We’re just going to be up front about this from the start… if you smoke hookah, we have what you need. Seriously. We have hookah pipes, hoses, nozzles, dozens of shisha flavors, coals, travel cases (yeah), officially licensed Mya hookah products, and more. Whether you want to smoke Sex on the Beach Starbuzz shisha at home from a pink hookah or Two Apples Al Fakher shisha in a park from a travel sized hookah with travel case, we got you covered. We know… it’s pretty awesome but we’re pretty awesome like that.

Hookah Pipes, Hoses, & Accessories

Dozens. Literally. We have dozens of hookah pipes in all sizes and colors. We will even custom order one for you if you don’t see it in our store. But, we think you’ll find one here that you like from our selection that just doesn’t stop. We’re the only official MYA hookah dealer for a pretty long ways in any direction you can go.

We also have piles of hoses and other hookah accessories all around our store. We honestly have so much hookah stuff that we’re running out of places to put it so… if you could come take some off our hands that’d be great! It’s all real – NO knock-off crap! – and high quality stuff. Come take a look and let us know if there’s anything else we can get for you.

Hookah Shisha & Coals

Dozens. Again. We have dozens of flavors from the leading brands of Starbuzz and Al Fakher, along with some other brands people have requested from us. We carry all the standard flavors like apple and pineapple along with a lot of fun, more exciting flavors for all you adventurous types. If you check out our full supply of shisha, you won’t be disappointed!

By the way, we have free matches with any purchase so we got that going for us…