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Kanna is an all-natural substance from an African plant that has been used by African farmers and hunters for millennia as an appetite suppressant, but, is also known for being highly euphoric and energetic substance that is often brewed in teas, smoked, eaten, or ingested.

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Introduction to Kanna

Kanna is a natural substance that is derived from an African plant. It is known for producing a highly euphoric and energetic feeling that can last for 4-5 hours. Recently, kanna extract has become very popular in Eastern Europe and is growing in popularity in the United Stats as well. It is known for enhancing one’s experiences via oral ingestion or in a snuff form to be highly euphoric and energetic.

Kanna is an SSRI and should not be combined with other SSRIs or MOAIs. Learn more about kanna’s effects and benefits here.

Kanna For Sale

Our kanna products are made with highly refined extract that is stronger then any other on the US market today. This is because our kanna is an all natural product that is derived straight from the source, and shipped immediately to reduce delay and maximize freshness.

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