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We are pleased to now be carrying several different lines of kava products. While we will provide more information about it below, and will gladly tell you more if you come into our shop located just minutes from downtown Greenville SC.

Kava is legal and safe to use, but as can be the case when dealing with an unknown substance, it can negative side effects if you don’t know what you’re doing. As always with all products, we strongly encourage you to be safe and smart in how you use it!

General Information on Kava

Kava originated in Vanatau, an island in the Pacific Ocean, though it has since spread to Hawaii, Fiji, and other places in Micronesia and the Pacific Rim. The chemical that produces the desired effect is extracted from the root of the plant and traditionally drank in tea, though it can be concentrated in a powder or oral tablets for direct consumption.

While it is often used for spiritual, religious, and social purposes, people have found kava to have three primary medicinal uses:

  • To relieve anxiety, restlessness, and sleeplessness when awake
  • To reduce stress-related symptoms such as muscle tension or spasms
  • To help people fall into a deep sleep within 30 minutes when tired

Because only a few full scientific studies have been done on kava and its effects on humans (or animals for that matter), we cannot tell you anything with absolute certainty. We’re also no doctors so if you are taking medication or prescriptions for anything else, you should talk to them and/or do comprehensive research into any potential complications that may result in taking kava. Seriously… be safe and be smart.

We only sell kava in a safe form from an established company that has excellent quality control procedures that cover the entire process from extraction of the kavalactones from the plant to the level of kava in each one. When you buy kava from Smoke ‘n Brew, you are getting a known and trusted quantity each and every time!

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