The Best Kratom in Town!

Chief Smoke 'n Brew

It wasn’t more than a year ago when we started selling kratom at Smoke ‘n Brew. We started with the mission to provide the best and purest kratom in town, and by golly if it hasn’t been a busy year for us. Word has spread quickly about the high quality product we’ve been supplying, and that has allowed us to provide more flavors, varieties, and types at even better prices than ever. Thank you!

The Kratom Connoisseurs

Before you go off thinking we’re just a bunch of pretentious jerks making big claims for nothing, check this out – we buy our kratom direct from the leading supplier in Indonesia, and then have it measured, weighed, and packed ourselves. The only people between you and the kratom plant growing in Indonesia is the guy who picks it, the guy who ships it to us, (the FedEx delivery man if you want to get technical), and us.

That’s a huge part of what keeps our prices low. It’s also how we’re able to sell the best kratom for miles in any direction. Let’s not forget it’s what makes our kratom fresh, clean, pure, and free of any BS. You think the corner gas station can tell you that? From what we can tell, we are the only place across four states doing what we do. FOUR. STATES. And we’re right in your beautiful backyard on the corner of Wade Hampton & Pleasantburg less than 10 minutes from downtown Greenville, Furman University, and I-385 right next door to Pizza City. Beat that.