Types of Kratom Powder

Chief Smoke 'n Brew

Smoke ‘n Brew buys kratom in bulk directly from Indonesia, and sells it at the lowest prices in town since we package it ourselves. We package and sell kratom in both powder for tea and oral tablets to be directly ingested. As always, we must encourage everyone to use kratom responsibly. For that very reason, we will be posting more information on our blog about responsible and best ways to use kratom.

Kratom Powder

The kratom powder is most commonly used in tea. We suggest using it along with another tea since the flavor is not always very pleasant. Many people have suggested using green tea or fruit teas since the natural flavors combine well with the earthy kratom. People use the powder in other ways, but until we research them and bring you better information, we won’t suggest any of them. For now, please use the kratom powder in tea to drink.

Kratom Powder Oral Tablets

The kratom powder oral tablets are most commonly used by people who need to regulate their kratom intake very carefully. Every one of our kratom powder tablets are fully packed and inspected for consistency in weight and volume. This is important for you to know how much you’re using!

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