What is the legal status of Kratom?

Chief Smoke 'n Brew

There has been a lot of talk recently about the legal status of kratom and how the US DEA wants to ban the substance called Kratom. If they decide to do so, it would take immediate effect and be placed as a Schedule I substance lasting for at least 2-3 years while the DEA determines if that is a permanent listing or if it should be removed or scheduled lower.

The DEA announced this decision several months ago but have yet to take act action on it. While they are still determining what they are going to do, it is still legal to buy, sell, possess, and use kratom.

However if they decide to take action, which they could do at any moment, kratom will be scheduled as an illegal drug of the highest order with all the penalties and punishment for using it along with it.

If you are someone who needs kratom for medicinal purposes, we recommend planning ahead now to mitigate the circumstances that will occur once kratom is made illegal.

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