The Best Craft Beer in Charleston, South Carolina

Chief Smoke 'n Brew

Locals often say the only things in the Holy City as numerous as steeples are neon signs beer signs.

Charleston, South Carolina has a long-standing reputation as the best nightlife city in the Lowcountry. Of course, that vibrant culture of dollar-beer dives, wine bars, and craft cocktail joints means there are plenty of homegrown options out there.

There are about two dozen breweries in Charleston, all offering their own unique selection of tasty beers to try. Of course, going on a brewery tour around town could take a while. That’s why Smoke N Brew is your best bet for sampling all of the best beer in town.

Breweries in Charleston

Charleston is a newcomer on the national beer scene, thanks in part to a ban on high-gravity beer in South Carolina that was lifted in 2007. Before that, there was a 6% ABV cap on all beer sold in the Palmetto State. However, there were tons of brewers eager to hit the market the second the law changed.

Breweries are spread all over Chucktown, from mainstays like Holy City Brewing and COAST Brewing in North Charleston to Two Blokes in Mount Pleasant. There’s something for every beer lover, from a smooth Kolsch to a hop-heavy IPA. The best part of having a vibrant beer scene is discovering your favorite among the taps—whether it’s a staple at every bar in town or an ultra-rare seasonal brew. We won’t give you any pointers here—we encourage you to (safely and responsibly) knock back as many pints as it takes to find your go-to Charleston brew.

Craft Beer at Smoke N Brew

Smoke N Brew is Charleston’s best beer shop, with a wide selection of bottles, cans, and draft beer growler fill ups. We carry beers from many of the top breweries in town, all under one roof, all for unbeatable prices.

We carry Charleston’s best craft beers on our ever-rotating taps, where we’ll fill up your 32oz. and 64oz. growlers so you can sip your favorite local brews in the comfort of your own home. Don’t have a growler of your own? We’ve got you covered—Smoke N Brew sells the container and fill-up.

Beer and Wine from Around the World

We set our sights beyond Charleston, too. Smoke N Brew has a massive selection of beer and wine from around the world. No matter if your taste is expensive or dirt cheap, there’s something you’ll love here.

On your way to a backyard barbecue? We have cases of ice-cold beer ready to go. Planning a pairing menu for your fancy dinner party? Take a minute to browse our red and white wines, or pull a couple rare IPAs off the shelf. No matter the occasion, if it’s a good time, Smoke N Brew has what you need.

Beyond Craft Beer in Charleston

Brews are only half the name here. We also are a full-on smoke shop, as the name suggests. Smoke N Brew Charleston has a wide variety of smoking accessories, glass pipes, cigars, vapes, hookah, and loose-leaf tobacco. We also carry kratom and CBD products, including tinctures, salves, and capsules.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve probably got you covered at Smoke N Brew Charleston.

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