Tobacco Glassware & Pipes

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Chief Smoke 'n Brew

Smoke ‘n Brew carries a wide range of tobacco glassware & pipes than any head shop in Greenville, and take pride in offering the best customer service in town!

We are focused on providing a clean, safe, and fun environment where our customers can relax and take their time viewing the largest collection of glassware in town.

Greenville’s ONLY Official ROOR Dealer

Just in case you missed our official announcement about being the ONLY officially licensed ROOR dealer in Greenville SC, Smoke ‘N Brew is still the one and only place in town you can buy a certified piece of ROOR glassware. On top of that pretty nifty fact, we have a HUGE selection on our shelves of glassware in all shapes and sizes!

roor official dealer greenville sc

Custom Handmade Tobacco Glass

We are proud to be establishing official and exclusive relationships with many local glassblowing artists, and will soon be featuring more information about them in our shop and on our website and Facebook. Meanwhile, come in to our shop and view some of the Upstate’s most beautiful and amazing blown glassware, pipes, and pieces, some of which take well over a dozen hours to make by themself!

custom handmade tobacco glass pipes greenville sc

Affordable Tobacco Glass Pipes

Because not everyone can afford or want to smoke from custom works of art all the time, we also carry a huge selection of affordable tobacco glass pipes (some under $10!) that are perfect for regular use or for sharing with your clumsier friends. We don’t make any claims about these pipes being anything other than what they are. You know what they are, but you also know that we’re being honest with you about them too!

cheap high quality custom tobacco glassware pipes greenville sc

All product shown, discussed, and sold are for tobacco use only. References to any illegal activities will not be tolerated.