We are proud to provide the finest CBD Oil products in Greenville SC with a wide selection of tablets, vape pens, syringes, and more that we've researched and extensively tested ourselves...


We have one of the largest selections of loose leaf cigarette tobacco in town, and to top it off, we're also one of the most affordable for miles around. Smoke for less with Smoke 'n Brew!


We carry kratom in pills and powder in so many different flavors and styles we have people driving hours just to get our it. We are the biggest seller in the area and that's no coincidence!


It's not just a product here, it's a passion. From 16 beers on tap for growlers to bottled beer including your classic favorites, microbrews, and high class swill, we got it all! Don't forget to ask for free ice!



If you can smoke it or brew it, then Smoke 'n Brew has got you covered! We're part beer store, part head shop, part smoke store, and all about having a good times for everyone.

We're located at the intersection of Pleasantburg & Wade Hampton next to Pizza City and are less than 10 minutes from downtown Greenville, Furman University, and I-385.



    We carry many types of loose leaf tobacco, rolling tubes, rolling machines, tobacco water pipes (if that’s your thing), and rolling papers. We like to smoke too so don’t be shy!



    We offer one of the best hookah selections in Greenville with enough 2-6 person pipes, shisha, coals, and cleaning supplies to please everyone. Stop in and stock up!



    Love it or hate it, kratom is a known relaxant that we offer in oral, powder, and bulk form. Call us if you need more than what we offer in bagged form, and we’ll hook you up!



    We offer the lowest prices on water pipes for all your tobacco smoking needs along with vaporizers, rolling papers, oil rigs, and more. No one in Greenville will beat our prices!



    From our 16 taps of fresh draft beer to choose from, you can always find an old classic or new microbrew here. Check out our tap list or Facebook page for the latest selection…

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    From Bud Light to artisan brewed beer, our wide selection will please every type of beer drinker. We’re always trying new beers from around the world so let us know your favorite!

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    Some say the best wines in the world come from France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Chile, and California. That’s why we carry fine wines from all of these places.



    Yeah, we got e-cigarettes, t-shirts, hats, incense, cups, mugs, pipes, bowls, cleaners, energy drinks, rewards programs, and more cool stuff to check out and enjoy.

We take pride in carrying the finest products in Greenville for all your smoking and drinking needs at some of the lowest prices in town. No one else does it like Smoke 'n Brew.

We have tap beer for growlers, bottled beer, wine, kratom, CBD oil, kava, loose leaf tobacco, papers, incense, hookahs, shisha, glassware, vapes, cigars, t-shirts and lots of other cool stuff all in one place all of the time. If we don't carry it, just ask and we'll try to get it in!

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Telephone. // (864) 244-7477

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Find out about our latest products, specials, and more here. We like to keep things interesting so check this space often, good things are to come!


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    With the recent South Carolina House bill legalizing the use of Cannabidiol for medicinal purposes, there has been a lot of confusion on which cannabis products are legal, which ones aren’t, what’s coming next, and what it all means.

    Here is some information about the current legal status of cannabis & hemp products in South Carolina that will attempt to *ahem* clear the smoke… We’re not attorneys so don’t consider this as legal advice. It’s just info for our customers that is readily available across the internet. If you need an attorney, call this guy.

    Legal Status of Hemp & Cannabis Products in South Carolina

    Obviously, anything with THC in it is illegal. There is no medicinal marijuana law in South Carolina of any type, and any use of marijuana (weed) is still illegal by federal and state law. We don’t endorse or condone illegal activity to any extent.

    However, there has been a recent change in the legal status of industrial hemp in South Carolina. According to this bill signed by Governor Nikki Haley on June 2, 2014, it is now “lawful for an individual to cultivate, produce, or otherwise grow industrial hemp in this State to be used for any lawful purpose, including, but not limited to, the manufacture of industrial hemp products, and scientific, agricultural, or other research related to other lawful applications for industrial hemp.”

    Obviously, this is a significant sign of acceptance for the cannabis family of plants and its uses. This law is what opened the door for CBD oil in South Carolina, and for that we are thankful! There are a number of stories already coming out of our state about the benefits and effects of CBD oil for people with epilepsy such as this story about how CBD oil helped a young girl with epilepsy.

    We are excited about the positive effects that this new bill will have on South Carolina farming, medicinal CBD oil, and the hemp product industry. Up until 1927, hemp was a major crop in the United States so we’re proud that our state was one of the first to pass a bill that legalizes it once again!

    Available Hemp & Cannabis Products in South Carolina

    As of right now, there are a number of hemp & cannabis based products available for sale and purchase in South Carolina. Some of them include:
    CBD Oil Vapor Pens & E-Juices
    CBD Oil Oral Ingestibles
    CBD Oil Syringes
    Other CBD Oil Products
    Hemp-based Foods & Snacks
    Hemp Bracelets (we got ‘em!)
    Any Industrial Hemp Products
    More coming soon…

    The Future of Hemp & Cannabis in South Carolina

    Basically, at this point no one knows. The passage of the hemp farming bill in 2014 was a huge step forward to legalization and use of plants in the cannabis family for any number of reasons. It was a major success for several industries and movements, and has resulted in a mobilization of other bills such as one that was introduced in January 2015 called the “Put Patients First” bill that would decriminalize marijuana.

    To learn more about the activities of local South Carolina activist groups and keep up with all the latest news, you can follow the SC Medical Marijuana Movement on Facebook and follow the South Carolina Hemp Community on Facebook.


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    Kanna is an all-natural substance from an African plant that has been used by African farmers and hunters for millennia as an appetite suppressant, but, is also known for being highly euphoric and energetic substance that is often brewed in teas, smoked, eaten, or ingested.

    We carry the best quality kanna in town at affordable prices at our shop located near Wade Hampton & Pleasantburg just 10 minutes from downtown Greenville SC!

    Introduction to Kanna

    Kanna is a natural substance that is derived from an African plant. It is known for producing a highly euphoric and energetic feeling that can last for 4-5 hours. Recently, kanna extract has become very popular in Eastern Europe and is growing in popularity in the United Stats as well. It is known for enhancing one’s experiences via oral ingestion or in a snuff form to be highly euphoric and energetic.

    Kanna is an SSRI and should not be combined with other SSRIs or MOAIs. Learn more about kanna’s effects and benefits here.

    Kanna For Sale

    Our kanna products are made with highly refined extract that is stronger then any other on the US market today. This is because our kanna is an all natural product that is derived straight from the source, and shipped immediately to reduce delay and maximize freshness.

    If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to come in and talk to us about it or call us at (864) 244-7477!


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    With all the excitement going on right now with our new products like CBD oil, kratom, hookah, kava, kanna, and glassware, it can be easy to forget that half of our store is dedicated to beer and wine!

    Believe it or not, we’ve actually expanded our beer and wine selection and offer even more choices of cold beer, bottled beer, wine, and tap beer for growlers. All that other stuff just makes us the most unique beer and wine store in Greenville SC! Continue reading



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    In case you missed it, CBD oil is now legal in South Carolina and Smoke ‘n Brew in Greenville SC is one of the first stores to offer a wide array of CBD oil products for sale. We’ve been following this new product closely and are proud to provide the best quality CBD oil products on the market today.

    Stop in and learn more about this amazing new product and its benefits from the leading supplier in the area! Continue reading


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    It wasn’t more than a year ago when we started selling kratom at Smoke ‘n Brew. We started with the mission to provide the best and purest kratom in town, and by golly if it hasn’t been a busy year for us. Word has spread quickly about the high quality product we’ve been supplying, and that has allowed us to provide more flavors, varieties, and types at even better prices than ever. Thank you! Continue reading

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